Sunday, September 10, 2017


' in that location was a emergent urge of rapture; all senses are transformed. The power of drugs makes everything t unmatchable magical. In Kate Bravermans Tall Tales From The Mekong Delta, she describes one womans struggle with drugs and how she in conclusion turns rumpbone to them later on being alter for five months. In exploring the setting, effect of the cloak blue, and appearance of Lenny, this turn turn up argues that Lennys efficacy to tempt the fabricator back into drugs results in her terminal.\nIn exploring Beverley Hills it plays a part in destroying her sober ways. The drool portrays Beverley Hills to be a rich townshipsfolk filled with money. Drugs front to be ordinary for the girl. She lives in a rich town surrounded by those who have the aforesaid(prenominal) dependance as her, which makes the temptation lots harder to prevent. The narrator explains, Lenny was stretched reveal on the cut. The bed belonged to Bernie and Phyllis but they werent h ome. Lenny was holding a necklace out to her. She valued it more than she could think about wanting(p) anything else, (104). Her wanting that necklace is a allegory implying that she wants the drugs once again. The necklace minded(p) to her by Lenny shows how Lenny has a hold on her homogeneous the drugs eer will. Although the necklace acts like a symbol for the addiction she faces, Lenny tries to convince her that shes not like the people she surrounds herself with: You didnt have that cay on yesterday. feignt do that. You dont hold that. Those whores from Beverly Hills need it. Not you,(91). sound like the necklace that Lenny gives to her, the Beverly Hills purlieu that she is surrounded and suffocated by brings out the scald in her, quick allowing her to get stuck back in the cataclysmal cycle she was stuck in before. Unfortunately, shes ineffectual to break out of this cycle, leading to her conduct crashing down and her death at a young age.\nThe pretension blue is a metaphor on how she sees the drugs coming back in...'

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